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The Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands

About the club

Situated on one of the highest points of Tagaytay Highlands, The Spa and Lodge offers its members the best accommodations and the ultimate in relaxation therapy and beauty treatments. Made entirely of Western Red Cedar logs, the two-level structure offers 25 well-appointed, tastefully-furnished suites, a whole wing of treatment rooms-including a his and hers salon-and a health bar at the Great Room Lobby Lounge offering the finest and healthiest dishes. Accommodations at the Lodge is available via a separate membership which is open exclusively to members of the Clubs, while all Clubs members may enjoy the facilities the Spa has to offer.


  • 25 fully-furnished, well-appointed and special guestrooms

  • The Great Room Lobby Lounge and coffee shop

  • Exhilarating views of Mount Makiling, Laguna de Bay, Taal Lake, and the world-renowned Tagaytay Highlands International golf course

  • Relaxation therapy, massage and treatment rooms

  • His and hers salon


Spa Treatments

•  Aromatherapy massage

•  Cleopatra milk bath

•  Combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage

•  Golfer's massage (weekdays only)

•  Moor body mask

•  Sea salt body scrub

•  Seaweed detox body wrap

•  Shiatsu massage

•  Swedish massage

Facial Treatments

•  Aromatic facial

•  Deep cleansing facial by Clarins; for normal to oily skin

•  Exfoliating facial

•  Spirulina facial

•  Whitening facial by Clarins

Salon Services

•  Foot spa

•  Hair & makeup

•  Hair coloring

•  Hair treatments

•  Haircut

•  Makeup

•  Manicure/pedicure

•  Perm/relaxing

•  Reflexology foot massage

•  Scalp & back massage

•  Olive oil hair and scalp treatment

With massage by L'Occitane

•  Set and blow-dry/up-style

•  Shampoo/blow-dry

•  Waxing/threading

Medical Services (by appointment only)

•  Acne treatment

•  Botox

•  Dermabrasion

•  Fillers for wrinkles

•  Liposculpture

•  Sclerotherapy

•  Wart removal

•  Spa packages

•  Radiate Body Glow package

•  Olive Oil Body Scrub & Massage by L'Occitane

•  Relaxing, Refining Dead Sea Mineral Body Mask by Blue Spa


Club Rules and Regulations

​The Tagaytay Highlands Club rules and regulations constitute, but are not limited to, the following guidelines:

  1. The Tagaytay Highlands clubs are private and exclusive membership clubs. For this reason, club facilities and privileges can only be used by members and by guests invited and accompanied by a member in good standing. Likewise, entry to any club may only be extended to members and to guests accompanied by a member. This member is responsible for his or her guests' good behavior and the cost of services rendered to them by the club.

  2. The spouse and unmarried children below 21 years of age of regular or assignee members shall have the right to use all the facilities of the relevant club. Children who are married or at least 21 years old are no longer considered as dependents of members and shall be treated as guests.

  3. Drivers, bodyguards, and nursemaids are strictly prohibited inside the Clubhouses, and all facilities are intended for members and their guests only.

  4. Pets are strictly prohibited within club premises.

  5. The cable cars and funicular are intended primarily to transport golfers and their caddies with their golf bags. Thus, priority must be given to golfers and caddies.

  6. Golf shoes with spikes are not allowed on the second floor and offices of the Tagaytay Highlands Golf Clubhouse, or anywhere in the Country Clubhouse and Sports Center.

  7. Carrying of firearms within club premises is limited to club security guards in proper uniform, security personnel accompanying the president of the Republic of the Philippines, and those specifically authorized by the management.

  8. Helicopters are allowed to land only at club helipads. A landing fee is charged for every helicopter.

  9. Parking of vehicles is prohibited along the driveways, in front of the clubhouses, and in parking slots allotted for golf carts only.

  10. Sleeping in the public areas is strictly prohibited. Likewise, proper decorum should be observed at all times.

  11. The number of guests that a memberis authorized to bring inside the clubs is limited to ten (10) on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

  12. Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought and consumed inside club premises.

  13. A member shall assume full responsibility for any damage to club property or injury to club personnel caused by him- or herself, his or her dependents, and his or her guests. A member shall likewise be responsible for his or her dependents' and guests' indebtedness to the relevant club.

  14. Authority Guest Cards (AGCs) may be issued to members' guests only in the presence of the sponsoring member. Presentation of a letter of authorization signed by the sponsoring member requesting for the issuance of an AGC will not be entertained. AGCs are issued to extend signing privileges to members' guests

  15. Members are required to sign checks or chits for food and beverage items, green fees, and all other expenses for themselves and their guests. Cash payments are not accepted.

  16. The clubs are not responsible for the loss of property or valuables under any circumstances.

  17. Proper dress code should be observed at all times.
    a. The following are not allowed in the Golfers' Lounge or at the Midlands Veranda:
      - tank tops (sandos)
      - rubber slippers
      - swimsuits
    b. Proper golf attire should be worn on the golf course:
      - shirt with collar
      - golf shorts or slacks for men (Denim pants are not allowed.)
      - golf shoes with soft spikes

  18. Cigars, cigarettes, and hard drinks or intoxicating beverages are not sold to minors (below 18 years old).

  19. Tipping club personnel for services is prohibited. If a member or his or her dependent or guest wishes to commend an employee for exceptional services rendered, a letter to the management will be appreciated.

Note: The foregoing rules and regulations are subject to change and may be amended or superseded from time to time as circumstances may warrant, and as management may deem appropriate.

Membership Requirements and Fees

Requirements for Secondary Transfer of Membership Certificate and Application for Membership to The Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands
Kindly return/submit the following minimum requirements to us to apply for membership:

  • Duly completed Application for Membership form. Please indicate N/A if not applicable.

  • Four (4) pieces recent 1x1 pictures (colored, white background, taken during the last 3 mos.)

  • Information Cards, to be accomplished in full and in duplicate by the applicant1

  • Photocopy of NSO-certified birth certificate

  • Letter of advice from the original member/seller informing The Spa & Lodge of his resignation and     subsequent transfer of the membership certificate to the buyer

  • Acknowledgement Letter on annual dues and real property tax payment

  • Two (2) sets, original copies of a signed and notarized prescribed Deed of Assignment of Rights

  • From corporate sellers: Board Resolution indicating the transfer of the membership certificate and the  authorized signatory for the relevant documents pertaining to the transfer

  • Check payment for the transfer fee amounting to P150,000.00 payable to The Spa & Lodge

  • If applicable, check payment for the annual dues amounting to P24,000.00 payable to The Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands, Inc.

  • If applicable, check payment for the real Property Tax amounting to P2,686.90 payable to The Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands, Inc.

  • Duly signed acknowledgement on having read and understood the policies and procedures of The Spa & Lodge

For Corporate Applicants, please submit the following in addition to the foregoing:

  • Certified true copy of SEC Certificate of Registration

  • Corporate Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws

  • Company’s latest General Information Sheet, as submitted to the SEC

  • Board Resolution and/or Secretary’s Certificate indicating the following:

    • Resolution to purchase a membership certificate of The Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands

    • Resolution appointing the authorized officer to sign on behalf of the company for the purchase

    • Resolution appointing the official designee member and his/her position in the company

    • Percentage of the Capital Stock owned by foreigners and/or foreign-based corporations (if majority-    owned by Filipinos or Filipino-owned corporation, please state so)

Additional requirements (may be submitted even before the approval of the membership application but prior to the release of membership card to the applicant):
From the individual applicant/corporate designee:

  • Photocopy of the details page of valid passport or driver’s license

  • Membership Card/s duly signed in black ink (Please do not sign on the blank provided for the Authorized     Signatory. Indicate the name of the applicant/dependent in pencil.)

  • Surrender of membership card/s issued to the seller and dependent/s

Requirements for Secondary Transfer of Membership Certificate and Application for Membership to The Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands

  • Requirements for Secondary Transfer of Membership Certificate and Application for Membership to The     Spa & Lodge at Tagaytay Highlands

  • Original Membership Certificate issued to and duly endorsed/signed at the back portion by the seller

  • Certificate of clearance from outstanding dues issued to the seller (this may be obtained from the Billing     Department of The Spa and Lodge at telephone number 046-483-0838)

From the applicant’s authorized dependent/s2

  • Four (4) pieces recent 1 x 1 pictures of each of the applicant’s authorized dependents (colored, white     background and taken during the last 3 months. Please write the owner’s name with a ballpoint pen at     the back of the photo)

  • Photocopy of the details page of valid passport or driver’s license of each dependent

  • Photocopy of NSO-certified birth certificate of each dependent

  • From the spouse: photocopy of NSO-certified marriage contract

Important Note: The Clubs reserve the right to require the presentation of additional documents as they deem necessary. Inability to comply with any requirements may be used as grounds not to process the application. Please be informed that purchase of a membership certificate does not guarantee approval of membership. Processing of an application wherein complete and correct documents have been submitted is approximately 2 – 3 weeks. 

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