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Your Home Beyond Ordinary

The Pines

Invigorate your senses and indulge in the splendor of fine living while building your own private retreat designed for your comfort and luxury. Embark on a journey of making your serene and nature-inspired cabin dream home a reality at The Pines.

Imagine an enthralling private mountain hideaway inspired by the rustic charm of contemporary ranch homes wherein wood is in perfect counterplay with touches of glass and stone, where rustic meets modern.

  • Envisioned as a themed residential lot village with a Modern Ranch Style and Mountain Lodge Architecture and Design

  • The Pines lots are sized from 250-530 square meters

  • Cool year-round weather, lush sceneries and generous open spaces

  • Known for its cool misty weather and breathtaking views of the Canlubang Valley and Laguna de Bay

  • Landscaped with hundreds of Araucaria pine trees

  • Living in a modern ranch style and mountain log home on a hilltop makes it distinctive from the rest of the exclusive communities in Tagaytay Highlands.


  • Village Hall

  • Little Ranch Playground

  • Sunshine Picnic Grove

  • Nature’s Trail



  • Combination of underground and overhead utilities

  • Adequate Water Supply

  • Emergency Power Supply System

  • Gated community with 24-hour security

  • All easements are inclusive of 1-meter non-buildable utility easement around the property


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