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Tagaytay Highlands is one of the Philippines’ best places to live in. Situated on one of the highest points in Tagaytay, the combination of luxury, the cold breeze, and breathtaking views will surely make you want to live here.

Perfectly-Crafted Themed Homes

Log Cabin for Sale
The Woodlands at Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay Highlands is home to a variety of themed homes that have been masterfully crafted for you and your lifestyle. Whether you want to live in the highest point, with breathtaking views just outside your window, or homes that are made for weekend getaways, Tagaytay Highlands has just the right abode for you.

The year-round cool breeze of Tagaytay makes it more special with Tagaytay Highlands located on one of the highest points of the city. It’s one of the best places to settle in because you’re not only buying a house, but rather, investing in a long-term plan to live in a home that best suits your interest.

Condo Living Away From the Metro

Condominiums are one of the most highly-purchased properties because of its convenience and accessibility to almost everything you need.

Condo for Sale in Tagaytay Highlands
Actual Photo of The Woodrige - Highlands Enclave

At Tagaytay Highlands, we have condominium properties that are placed away from the busy city but are made to provide you relaxation when you want to escape city life. Despite its location, our condominium properties still offer world-class and modern facilities and amenities while still having access to conveniences in the city. Just because you live in the mountain doesn’t mean you also have to leave the “modern life” behind. Here in Tagaytay Highlands, we combine the right amount of laid back and modern just for you.

Rest and Relaxation

One of the many things we have to offer is our value for your rest and relaxation. Living a holistic lifestyle also means taking care of your wellness while you indulge. Here in Tagaytay Highlands, your rest and relaxation are our utmost priority.

We offer a variety of facilities and amenities that cater to your wants and needs, one of which is living a healthy lifestyle. We have fully-equipped gyms as well as indoor and outdoor sports facilities to help you maintain that active lifestyle.

World-Class Facilities

Here in Tagaytay Highlands, we offer a variety of facilities and amenities for all your needs. Aside from relaxation indulgence and homes, Tagaytay Highlands also offers corporate team building packages that come with specially trained staff to facilitate your program and top-rate facilities amidst nature to make sure you enjoy.

From themed homes to premium facilities and long-term investments for a vacation home or a weekend escape, Tagaytay Highlands surely is the perfect place for the lifestyle you deserve at the peak.

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