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Your Modern Summer Residences

Primrose Parks

The word ‘primrose’ is taken from the Latin word primus, which means ‘first’, making this bright orange and yellow bloom symbolical of youth, lasting freshness, and new beginnings. Primrose Parks is thus so aptly named as it aspires to give prospective residents a distinct new lifestyle—one that allows them to enjoy a seamless flow of indoor-to-outdoor life in posh, park-like settings. Given the luxury of so much refreshing green space, Primrose Parks lives up to its theme of a ‘modern summer’ with close-to-nature facilities and a lush linear park oriented towards the east so that a picturesque sunrise jump-starts everyone’s day.

Primrose Parks likewise enables resident families to forge a deeper connection with nature through a biophilic architectural theme. This simply means blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, providing a multi-sensory, oxytocin-boosting experience.

Imagine waking up to sunshine streaming through large window panels that highlight an open layout plan. Or visualize yourselves moving around a clutter-free environment that is accented by clean and minimal lines and the healing vibes of greenery.

Primrose Parks is a vibrant community where you will have the chance to embrace modern summer living and enrich further your passion for passive and active pursuits in the exclusive linear and pocket parks.


  • Linear Park

  • Pocket Parks

  • Swimming Pool

  • Landscaped gardens

  • Underground Utilities

  • Exclusive gated community with 24-hour security

  • Adequate water supply

  • Emergency power supply system


Primrose Parks AVP

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