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Condominiums at Horizon Terraces: Living Within Nature’s Splendor

Nowadays, life has become so fast-paced. The hustle and bustle of city life just makes you want to escape the confines of the concrete, urban jungle. This is the very reason why a lot of people, tourists or not, keep coming back to Tagaytay City.

Tagaytay has easily become a favorite weekend getaway by families and friends primarily because of its proximity to Manila with only about an hour to an hour and a half drive. Situated on one of Tagaytay’s highest points is Tagaytay Highlands, a home to world-class sports and recreation activities as well as exclusive, themed residential communities.

Horizon Terraces

Today, Tagaytay Highlands can only boast of its extensive portfolio of themed residences. One of these includes our very own Horizon Terraces, which is home to a 3.2-hectare community with properties offering a mix of Asian-contemporary garden villas and suites.

Tagaytay Highlands’ Horizon Terraces is tagged as the mountain resort’s most refreshing take on holistic living as it presents terrace-designed homes with postcard sceneries of its surrounding environment, a few of which are the Taal Lake and Volcano, Mt. Makiling, The Midlands golf course, and the community’s own residential park.

Tagaytay Highlands has made sure to keep and deliver only the best of preferences, designs, and ideals to refined individuals who will not settle for anything less than the finest, which is why Horizon Terraces offers only the most exquisite selections of mountain resort living homes and spaces. Forget about all your home-related worries because Horizon Terraces has got you covered!

Garden Villas

The Garden Villas is one of Tagaytay Highlands’ most unique enclaves, an ideal space for close-knit families complete with expansive living areas and some of the best views of nature. Each home is equipped with three bedrooms with a generous floor space of 136 to 168 square meters. This includes ground and second-floor balconies and terraces, where family and friends can relax and commune. To complete the entire nature and zen type of living, each unit also comes with a private garden and exclusive access to the community’s central park.

Garden Suites

Craving for a well-deserved break away from the hustle and bustle of Manila and nearer to all of nature’s splendor? Here’s the answer to all your problems:

Garden Suites is a five-storey, luxurious residential condominium that caters to any family or individual seeking rest and relaxation in the comforts of nature.

This condo development offers only the most practical yet the best weekend home options with well-planned one and two-bedroom layouts.

These units are perfect for those who only need time away from the city as it provides just the right amount of luxurious living spaces, giving you enough time to focus on what truly matters.

Each unit features large panel windows to maximize all the natural light you can get. In addition, it also allows the year-round cool breeze of Tagaytay to flow freely and directly from the lush mountains across each home. On top of all that, an outdoor balcony is available for residents to utilize, maximize, and enjoy the stunning views nature has to offer.

Want to live within nature’s splendor? Contact us now and let’s discuss further details together.

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