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Log Cabin Luxury Living: Everything About Woodlands Point

Nestled in one of Tagaytay Highlands’ top elevations is Woodlands Point, a beautiful, luxurious log cabin made out of Western red cedar, a durable wood coming all the way from the highlands of Canada, suitable for the tropics. Which is perfect, by the way, because if you’re wondering, this is not located in Canada or the United States. Woodlands Point is situated in Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay City, Philippines, and these log cabins are just perfect for a tropical country such as this.

Curious about what a log cabin is doing in the tropics, that is, the Philippines? Here’s everything you need to know about the Woodlands Point:

The Structure

As mentioned, each log cabin is carefully built with a type of durable wood which comes all the way from Canada. Normally, when you think of log cabins, the first thing to come into mind are ski resort-inspired ones to keep guests or visitors warm amidst the cold. While our log cabins at Woodlands Point are indeed inspired from those in ski mountain resorts, they’re still different. Being in a tropical country, ski resort-inspired log cabins in the Philippines won’t do as much good as they would in countries that experience winter; hence, we carefully handpicked all materials, especially bits and pieces of wood, that are designed for the tropics, which (is) are perfect for the Philippines.

Each log cabin is made up of beautifully-designed spaces such as high ceilings, walk-in closets, semi-furnished kitchens, and en suite toilets and baths. On top of that, all log cabins have large windows that reflect and blend seamlessly with all the natural light you can get with the majestic bounties of the Highlands countryside.

The Environment

Woodlands Point is located in a charming community of luxurious log cabins encompassed by a landscape of pine forests and lush mountain ranges. Nestled on a 12-hectare land, the entire community blends harmoniously with its surrounding lush greens of Norfolk pine trees and a stunning backdrop of the surrounding wonders of nature such as Laguna de Bay, Canlubang countryside, and other flourishing mountains.

More than anything, it’s Tagaytay City’s cool breeze that everyone is most excited about. Guests or residents can freely savor and bask in the year-round cool breeze and misty weather, which is the cherry on top of a mountain-resort ambiance.

The Surrounding Amenities and Facilities

Woodlands Point is landscaped with hundreds of pine trees for an added mountaintop experience. Just like the entire real estate property, Woodlands Point also has an exclusive gated community, with an implemented and strict 24-hour security. Other features and amenities include an emergency power supply system, underground utilities, pest control, and utilization and protection of logs.

Additionally, a purchase of any of our log cabins automatically entitles you to a lifetime access to Tagaytay Highlands’ other facilities and amenities such as The Country Club. There’s so much more to discover at the Woodlands Point, and we can only say so much. Why not come and see all these for yourself?

Interested? You may contact us for more information.

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